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14 September 2018, Friday - Temporary Closure of Tennis Courts from 1-31 October 2018

08 August 2018, Wednesday - Notice on Partial Closure of Carpark Lots from End Aug-Nov 2018

27 July 2018, Friday - Mid-term Refurbishment of 40 Bungalows

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02 July 2018, Monday - Golfing Promotion Exclusively @ NSRCC Kranji

02 July 2018, Monday - Reconfiguration of Holes #16 & #17 at NSRCC Changi

08 June 2018, Friday - Results of the 21st NSRCC Annual Swimming Carnival

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01 May 2018, Tuesday - KTV Party Deal

29 January 2018, Monday - Birthday Treats for NSRCC Members

03 April 2018, Tuesday - Change to Golf Course Maintenance Day at KSGC

19 March 2018, Monday - Family Zone Tokens Promotion

05 March 2018, Monday - Advice on Misuse of Golf Buggies

02 February 2018, Friday - Advisory on Wild Boar Sightings at NSRCC Kranji

29 December 2017, Friday - Advisory on Construction Work for New Driving Range

06 November 2017, Monday - Advisory for Upgrading of NSRCC Bungalow Units

Our bungalows have been popular with our members, and sustained high utilisation rate for the past 10 years.


The high utilisation rate has accelerated the wear and tear to the bungalows.  To continue providing our members a good staycation experience, the Club will be giving the interior of our bungalows a well-needed facelift.


NSRCC will be upgrading up to 12 bungalow units each phase, over 4 phases, from 2 May to 25 October 2018.  During this period, the bungalows available for booking will be reduced by up to 12 units.

As most of the scope of work will be conducted within the units, we will try to keep the dust and noise to a minimal level.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope to see that the facelift bring about a better staycation to our members and their family.

Thank you.

NSRCC Club Management

23 October 2017, Monday - Notice on Reservation of Billiard Tables for National Snooker League Practice

16 October 2017, Monday - Buy 4 Games, Get 1 Game FREE @ NSRCC Resort Bowl

12 October 2017, Thursday - NEW Balls & Pins @ NSRCC Resort Bowl

05 September 2017, Tuesday - Proposed Driving Range @ NSRCC


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31 August 2017, Thursday - Advisory on Changes to Fruit Machine Regulations

08 August 2017, Tuesday - Car Polishing Services by Sparks & Shines

28 June 2017, Wednesday - Teeing off From Respective Boxes

22 June 2017, Thursday - Permanent Closure of Sparks & Shine @ NSRCC Changi

01 July 2017, Saturday - Evening 9-Hole Walking is Back @ NSRCC Kranji from 1 July 2017

02 June 2017, Friday - Reminder: Cessation of Green Fee Rebate

01 January 2017, Sunday - Reminder on Effective Period of Green Fee Rebate Scheme


In year 2014, following the announcement on land return, a $15 green fee rebate scheme was introduced at the 3rd Town Hall session¹ to mitigate the disruption brought upon by the new 9-hole course redevelopment project.

This 3-year green fee rebate scheme was announced to be effective from 1st July 2014 to 30th June 2017. The table below indicates the total golfing fee with and without the rebate:


Over the period of the rebate, the Club completed the redevelopment of the new 9-hole course, and also absorbed the few million dollars’ cost of the rebate. The Club’s revenue was also reduced by the same amount accorded to members in the rebate. But we are delighted that it brings about a better golfing experience to our members, and that is what matters most.

As the green fee rebate runs its course and will lapse on 30 June 2017, we seek your understanding and continuous support to the Club.

We will continue in striving to serve you better by enhancing current facilities and develop new range of facilities in the next few years.


Q1 When was the green rebate scheme and its effective period announced to members?

The green fee rebate scheme ($15 rebate per 18 holes games) and the 3-year effective period were announced during the 3rd Town Hall session held on Saturday, 26th April 2014 at NSRCC Changi. Subsequently, it was posted on NSRCC’s website and editions of Resort View.


Q2 Why the rebate is only for 3 years?

The 3-year rebate scheme is pegged to the redevelopment from mid-2014 to mid-2017. This was offered as a goodwill gesture from the Club to alleviate the inconveniences caused to our members’ golfing experiences while the Club had to reconfigure parts of the old course into a new 9-hole course, resulted from government land-take.


Q3 Is the Club considering extending the green fee rebate scheme?

The 3-yr green fee rebate has cost the Club a few millions and it draws down the fund reserve for our future enhancement works. Therefore, any further extension of the rebate scheme will impede the ability to continue enhancing our facilities.


Q4 What does it mean to the members?

Members will continue to enjoy the rebate until 30 June 2017.  From 1 July 2017 onward, the golfing fee with be billed without the rebate.


 NSRCC Club Management



03 May 2017, Wednesday - Golf Club Fitting & Repair Work Services Now Available @ Golftitude

07 April 2017, Friday - Closure of KinderGolf

07 April 2017, Friday - Golf Getaway to Saigon with Exclusive Packages

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03 April 2017, Monday - Revised Operating Hours for VIOLA at NSRCC Changi

10 June 2016, Friday - Enjoy Complimentary Parking during Lunch!

20 February 2017, Monday - Permanent Closure of Chip & Run Green Facility @ NSRCC Kranji

07 February 2017, Tuesday - Temporary Closure of Swimming Pool from 2-4 May 2017

28 December 2016, Wednesday - New Temporary Access to NSRCC Changi w.e.f 28 Dec 2016

11 January 2017, Wednesday - New Local Rule by R&A/USGA w.e.f 1 January 2017

09 January 2017, Monday - Temporary Road Diversion to NSRCC Kranji from 10 January 2017

01 January 2017, Sunday - Weekday Senior Golfers' Promotion at NSRCC Kranji

01 January 2017, Sunday - Evening 9-Hole Walking is back at NSRCC Kranji!

03 August 2016, Wednesday - Now You Can Order in Advance with JCafe's Mobile App!

26 February 2016, Friday - Plan a Staycation at our Bungalows!

25 January 2016, Monday - Be Your Own Master Chef With JUMBO's Singapore Cereal Premix!