Register for Rules of Golf Workshop


  • To instill awareness of Golf Etiquette
  • To understand some Basic Rules of Golf
  • To help make your time spent on the Course more enjoyable

At the end of the workshop you should:

  • Know about Golf Etiquette
  • Know some Basic Rules of Golf
  • Know how to use the Rules Book
  • Know how to take care of the Course

Category A - New Golfers: Members who wish to obtain a handicap with NSRCC from the beginner's stage Category B - Transfer of Home Club to NSRCC: Members who have submitted the Letter of Request for Transfer of Home Club (including the details of the score differentials) from his or her current home club to NSRCC Golf Office. Category C - Experienced Golfers: Members who are not able to obtain a Letter of Request of Transfer of Home Club from their previous club but have submitted past handicap card and 5x18 or 10x9 Holes scores played at NSRCC courses to NSRCC Changi Golf Office. For assistance please call NSRCC Changi Golf Reception at 6540 8500 Sign up below.