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09 October 2015, Friday - NSRCC Junior Open Championship 2015

NSRCC Junior Open Championship 2015 is here! For the Championship Conditions of Competition, please click HERE. The application form is available HERE and must be submitted to NSRCC Kranji Sanctuary Golf Course. 

09 January 2015, Friday - Updates From Town Hall Session on 9 January 2015 [LATEST NEWS]

On 9 January 2015, the Club invited members to the 3rd Town Hall Session for an update on its future development plans related to land take issues.  

The issues were mentioned in the previous two town hall sessions held in February and April 2014,
and this 3rd session will disclose the actions taken up to date to address the concerns.

Since the last Town Hall Session the Club held, with the support of MINDEF, together, we worked with various agencies and consultants to derive at comprehensive plans for the Club’s future.  Members’ feedback on the development plans were also actively sought via the large scale surveys conducted by
Strategic Review Committee to formulate the future plans.

Broadly, the action plans have 5 main components, namely the land issue, future development plans, funding, membership, and golfing facilities reconfiguration. 
These plans were explained in the session and are elaborated below.

Actions taken on Land Issue

Land Lease Extension - NSRCC’s Changi’s land lease will be extended till 2040.

Additional Land - Additional land area will be determined by various agencies upon completion of surveying.  This new plot of land will be used for development of more social facilities.

 Temporary Occupational License (TOL) Plot – TOL plot was due to expire on 31 August 2014, but was extended till 30 November 2015 to facilitate golf course reconfiguration.

 Future Development Plans

The Club has charted out its future developments by undertaking a Strategic Review with feedback from our members and NSmen. The range of recommendations includes, but not limited to the following development projects: 

  • New 9-hole golf course

  • New driving range

  • New Executive Golf Course (EGC)

  • New Recreational Hub

  • New multi-purpose sports hall

  • New banquet hall & restaurants

  • Additonal chalets


Substantial budget will be required to reconfigure our golfing facilities and to develop new social facilities on the additional land.
The developments will be funded primarily by MINDEF, and the remaining amount will be from the Club’s reserves.


With the reduction in golfing capacity, the Club understands that members would have concerns on overcrowding issues.  However, compared
to the peak membership base years ago, the current member-to-course ratio is much lower, which shall provide a comfortable supply of golf slots for members.
Nevertheless, the Club will continue to monitor its membership base and  adjust it appropriately.

Reconfiguration of Golfing Facilities

The immediate impact of the land acquisition is the loss of Air Force course and Par-3 course. Come 2018,
both Army course and Driving Range will be affected resulting from the partial return of leasehold land for national development works.

Therefore, the challenge will be for the Club to formulate plans to:

1)    Utilise the remaining Army and Airforce course land to reconfigure into a new 9 holes.

2)    Devise plan to provide temporary driving range to allow members a space to practise their games.

3)    Provide a temporary 9-hole course to play during reconfiguration period, so members would play the temporary 9-holes and Navy course to
have a full 18-holes golf course playable at all time.

To make space of temporary 9-hole course, the Club had negotiated with Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) to extend
the use of TOL plot from September 2014 to November 2015.

The zoning of the reconfigured golfing facilities are as follows:

Temporary 9-hole

Our Navy course and temporary 9-holes will form a total of 18-holes playable from March – November 2015. During this time, a new 9-hole course will be constructed. 


New 9-hole layout

                 *Click  this link to watch our EXCLUSIVE fly-over video showcasing our new 9-hole course!


Major Development Timeline

  • 5-hole Par-3 course to be permanently closed in February 2015
  • Relocate and operate temporary Driving Range in March 2015
  • Temporary 9-hole course will be played from March 2015 to November 2015
  • Construct new 9-hole golf course from March 2015 to November 2015
*The above timeline is accurate at the time of publishing, and may be subjected to change if necessary.

Members’ Experience

From members’ perspective, these will be the experience:

1)    Members will be assured of the Club’s long term commitment to serve them with a lease period extended to 2040.

2)    Members can look forward to more social facilities, with more details to be released after agency completed their land survey.

3)    Members will continue to enjoy the mitigation package, including the membership extension and golf fee rebates effective for 3 years from July 2014.

4)    The 5 holes Par 3 course will be closed from March 2015.

5)    The existing driving range will be closed in March 2015, and temporary driving range will opened for use in the same month.

6)    Army course will be closed in March 2015, and temporary 9-holes will opened for use in the same month. 
From March 2015 to November 2015, the temporary 9 holes and Navy course form a 18 holes golf course.

7)    New 9 holes will be ready in Dec 2015, and form 18 holes with Navy course from then on.

The Club will continue to update members regularly on the Club’s latest developments via our website and newsletter. In our March/April edition of Resort View, there will be an exclusive feature on NSRCC’s development plans as well as the new golf course’s  detailed hole-by-hole  coverage.
The Club would also like to take this opportunity and thank the members for their patience over the
past few months and seek your understanding for any inconvenince cuased. For any queries, please send to corpcomms@nsrcc.com.sg


Thank you.

Management of National Service Resort & Country Club

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