NSRCC Latest News

03 July 2015, Friday - JCafé's NEW Happy Hour Promotion!
03 August 2016, Wednesday - Now You Can Order in Advance with JCafe's Mobile App!

13 July 2016, Wednesday - Evening 9-Hole Walking is BACK again at NSRCC Kranji!

27 June 2016, Monday - Launch of SGA Handicapping System on August 4th 2016

On 4 August 2016, SGA will launch the Centralised Handicapping System (CHS) for its Ordinary and Associate Members. The CHS will provide a modern and unified platform for golf handicapping, changing the way golfers perform their handicapping activities, and introducing consistency in calculation of golfers’ Handicap Index. Click here to find out more information at this link.

10 June 2016, Friday - Enjoy Complimentary Parking at Lunch!

31 March 2016, Thursday - Improve Your Stability and Reduce Stress With Taiji

31 March 2016, Thursday - Learn Yoga At NSRCC!

26 February 2016, Friday - Plan a Staycation at our Bungalows!

01 March 2016, Tuesday - Connect to Sailing with the Sea Sports Centre!

26 February 2016, Friday - Learn Aikido at NSRCC!