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03 September 2014, Wednesday - Table Servicing in the Billiards Room @ NSRCC

03 September 2014, Wednesday - Come Down to The Open House @ Constant Wind This November!

03 September 2014, Wednesday - Learn To Swim @ NSRCC!

03 September 2014, Wednesday - Notice of Renovation - Squash Court @ NSRCC

03 September 2014, Wednesday - Looking For That Perfect Golf Getaway? Enchanting Siem Reap Promises No Less!

03 September 2014, Wednesday - Looking For That Perfect Golf Getaway? Enchanting Siem Reap Promises No Less!

01 September 2014, Monday - Monthly Medal/Qualifying Round for Club Championship - Stroke Play @ KSGC!

20 August 2014, Wednesday - Reminder of Air Force Course Closure, Update on PAR-3 & Internet/Walk-in Bookings, Course Maintainence Schedule for NSRCC Changi & KSGC

30 June 2014, Monday - Introducing NSRCC's Membership Offers, It's More Than Just a Golf Club!





Terms & Conditions Apply

Complimentary membership term is ranged from 1 month to 36 months depending on the effective date of your newly sign-up membership term. The effective date of newly sign-up membership must fall between 1/7/2014 to 30/6/2017.

If a member chooses not to accept the complimentary extended term, the decision shall be final and any request after that will not be accepted.  

Spending credits will be credited into the member’s in-house account within 2 months, after the payment of entrance fees.

Spending credits will expire 6 months after the issue date.

Spending credits are not exchangeable for cash and any balance unutilized by the expiry date will not be refunded.

Spending credits can be used to off-set subscription fees and/or any other in-house charges billed to the membership account.

Renewal of spending credits will only be given to members who renew their membership before the expiry of their current term. If a former member signs up a membership after the expiry of his previous membership term, he will receive the new sign-up spending credits.


** The cost of membership fee is calculated based on the entrance fee divided by total number of months plus the monthly subscription fee. For example, the cost of membership fee for a 5-year Ordinary Basic membership is calculated based on $2400/60 months + $40 = $80 per month.   


27 June 2014, Friday - Forecasted Grass-Cutting Schedule for 2014