Bungalow Rules & Regulations


  • Check-in time is from 2 pm to 5 pm daily. Applicants are allowed to authorise any other person who are 21 years old and above to check-in on their behalf.
  • Check-out time is between 9 am to 10.00 am. A half day rate is chargeable for check-out between 10.30 am and 12 noon. A full day’s charge will be levied on occupants who check-out after 12 noon. Applicants are also allowed to authorise any other person to check-out on their behalf. Authorised check-out guests are responsible for all charges/bills and have to settle them upon check-out.
  • Applicants are required to complete the Authorisation Form for check-in and out on their behalf.


  • Occupants are advised to do a self-check and acknowledge the inventory list upon check-in and to report any discrepancies and damages to the Customer Service Officer at the Bungalow Reception within 2 hours upon check-in. Otherwise the Resort Management shall consider all items accounted for and in good condition.
  • Upon check-out, a joint inventory check will be conducted by the Housekeeping Supervisor with the Occupant.


  • The bungalow will permit up to 20 persons to be in each bungalow, at any point of time before 11pm. Only up to 8 persons will be permitted to stay overnight in each bungalow (including children below the age of 12).


  • After 11.30 pm occupants must maintain the peace and serenity within and around the bungalow.
  • Illegal gambling, rental of tables/chairs from outside and barbecuing/cooking in the bungalow or any additional fixtures are not allowed. Possession and viewing of uncensored/illegal medias in all form (eg. video tapes, LDs, VCDs, DVDs, etc) are strictly prohibited.
  • Elaborate decorations for the celebrations of birthday, wedding, festive holidays and wake are not allowed in and out of the bungalows.
  • Pets are not allowed within the premises of the Resort.
  • Occupants and guests are to comply with the Club Bye-laws in and around the Club at all times.
  • Occupants are not allowed to do any unauthorised electrical wiring or to install any private audio/visual facility or gas stove/tank in the bungalow.
  • Occupants are not allowed to wear spiked golf shoes in or around the bungalow premises.
  • Dress code applies for entry to the Club’s facilities.


  • Upon check-out, the housekeeping staff will check the inventory of the bungalow with the occupants.
  • Occupants will have to make good for items which are damaged or lost. Payment will be made according to replacement or repair cost. For non-members, payment will be deducted from their deposit.
  • For bookings by non-members:
  • When claiming the refundable deposit, the Housekeeping Clearance Form, official receipt and identity card of the occupant must be presented to the Customer Service Officer at the Bungalow Reception.


  • The Resort Management shall not be held responsible for any loss of valuables, money or personal effects of occupants.
  • The Resort Management shall not be held responsible for any injury or incident sustained by occupants during their stay at the bungalow.


  • The Resort Management reserves the right to charge occupants for cost of replacement or repairs to damages or lost items provided for in the bungalow.
  • The Resort Management reserves the right to vary the deposit and charges and to amend any other rules or regulations at any time it deems fit.
  • The Resort Management reserves the right to take appropriate actions (including shortening the duration booked without refund of rental) against any occupant who infringes its Rules and Regulations or to disallow any occupant whom it deems undesirable into the bungalow premise. The Resort Management shall not be liable for any damages therefrom.