Membership Categories

NSmen from the Army, Air Force, Navy as well as Police and Civil Defence are welcome to join NSRCC.

We offer Ordinary Membership, Associate Membership as well as Basic Membership. Find out what membership category you are eligible for please see below.


Membership Category Eligibility Documentary Proof Required for Membership Application

Ordinary Membership

*Choice of Full membership or
Basic Membership

Open to :

  • Operationally Ready NSmen who are currently serving national service/reservist*
  • Full-Time National Servicemen (NSFs)*

* from Army, Air Force, Navy, Police and Civil Defence.

  • NS Booklet
  • SAF Smartcard
  • Certification of Conduct
  • ICT Notification

Associate Membership

*Choice of Full Membership or Basic Membership

Open to former NSmen, who have served their full NS Liability until applicable statutory age of 50 years (officers) or 40 years (other ranks) and who have been discharged of NS Liability.*

* from Army, Air Force, Navy, Police and Civil Defence.

Letter of discharge of NS liability

Duration of Membership
NSRCC offers term membership consisting of 2, 5 and 10 years, and members are eligible to renew your membership up to a maximum aggregate tenure of 30 years.