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SGA League

Congratulations to our league players for winning the SGA Inter-Club League Overall Champion title for 2014.


The SGA league team is made up of 5 divisions, Premier, A and B and Senior and Ladies. 

Through the years, the team has gained a reputation as one of the premier clubs of golf in Singapore, producing many golfing pros. 

Achievements This Year
'A' Division (HI 7.1-11.0) 6th place
'B' Division (HI 11.1-18.0) 1st place
'Premier' Division (HI up to 7.0) 3rd place
'Senior' Division (55 years and above) 5th place
'Ladies' Division  1st place

Source: RV Jan/Feb 2015 

We are looking for members who possess the following pre-requisites to represent the Club in the annual SGA Inter Club League

  1. Have the necessary skills in the game of golf
  2. Have mental strength & competitive spirit
  3. Must be a team player
  4. Must have the time to practice & play in the League

If you have the above, then you have to qualify for the selection trials conducted at the end of the year (See the Selection Process)

*Click here to find out more on the Conditions of Competition for the SGA Inter-Club League.

The SGA Inter-Club League is made up of 7 divisions: Men’s Premier, A, B and Senior; and Ladies Premier, A and Evergreen. The league is a combination of round robin and knockout match play event without handicap allowances that is open to all SGA Ordinary Members (Local Golf Clubs listed as Members of SGA). 

The twelve SGA Ordinary Members will be divided into two groups of six teams each. Each team will comprise 30 players with 4 players in the “Premier” Division, 6 players each in the “A”, “B”, “Senior” Divisions and 8 players in the “Ladies” Divisions. The teams will play against each other within their group. 

The top four teams from each group will progress to the Knockout Phase and the bottom two from each group, to the knockout plate phase. The team that emerge as the top team in the Knockout Phase will be the Overall Team Champion.

Through the years, NSRCC has gained a reputation as one of the premier clubs for golf in Singapore, producing many golfing professionals. During the 2018 SGA Inter-Club League, team NSRCC emerged as the Champions!

sga 2018 champions.jpg