How to book


1.         GENERAL

1.1.      Control of Play shall be by the time-sheet maintained by the Club daily.

1.2.      Substitution of Name and Golf Course

A member who has booked a flight is not permitted to have his booking changed to another golf course and/or his own name changed to that of another member unless an administrative fee of $30 is paid.

1.3.      Cancellation Procedures and Charges:

A member who has booked a flight shall be accountable for all charges or cancellation in that flight. Members who wish to cancel a flight should provide a notice of 72 hours before the scheduled time of play, failing which a cancellation fee will be levied accordingly for each flight based on the prevailing green fees applied (depending on the location; NSRCC Changi or NSRCC Kranji).

1.4.      Refund

Any member who fails to produce the guest’s document, i.e. Reservist/NSmen Smartcard, during checking-in shall be charged “sign-in guests” rate. However, a refund is allowed provided the member produces his guest’s document.


2.1.      Control of Play (for weekends and public holidays)

A minimum of three players are required in a flight. If a flight is left with two players, the club officials shall have the discretion to allow the flight to play on based on medical and/or compassionate reason provided.  A flight with two players are permitted only on weekday mornings and afternoons. However, the club officials have the discretion to fill up any vacant slots and pair individual golfers on the time-sheet.

3.    Unpunctual/No Show (Weekday, Weekends & Public Holidays)

In the case of flights where players are late, they may be rescheduled to available tee time or players may have to skip hole. If no available flights are available the players may be charged as No-Show.