Getting A Handicap

NSRCC awards a Handicap Index after a member has passed the following tests (in sequential order):

  1. Test conducted during the Golf Workshop (Click here for Golf Workshop programme.)
  2. Proficiency Certificate Test
  3. Courtesy Round


  Proficiency Certificate (PC) Test Courtesy Round
How to Apply

International Golf Institute @ 8139 7466 (Brad), or Golfing Lab @ 9673 7528 (Kenji) / 9180 6585 (Yanie)

Call Golf Reception at 6540 8500 or email to

Weekdays: $10.80
Weekends: $15.12

Weekdays: $14.04
Weekends: $18.36

Pro's Fees: $50.00


Attain a level of proficiency certified by NSRCC Pro.

He/She will play 4 holes supervised by Pros 

Play 5 holes supervised by a Greens Committee Member
Successful Candidates 

Member will be awarded with a Proficiency Certificate 7 days after passing the PC Test.

Member may only start accumulating scorecards after being awarded the Proficiency Certificate.

After passing the PC Test, a member may play anytime on:

Weekdays – All Day
Weekends – After 4.30pm
(9-hole only)

Before applying for courtesy round, members are required to submit **3 scorecards of 18 holes played at NSRCC each with a gross score of < 116 for men and < 120 for ladies. 

**3 scorecards of 18-holes or 6 scorecards of 9-holes played at NSRCC may be submitted in-person together with the Courtesy Round registration form. Alternatively, member who is registered with NSRCC in the handicap system e.g member with NSRCC PC card or member who has signed up for golf workshop and courtesy round may drop the scorecards in the score card submission box and/or submit scorecards online through the website. Member may check online, if registration with NSRCC Handicap System and /or scorecards have been successfully submitted. Scorecards for rounds not found in the booking/registration system will not be accepted. Members should call the Golfing Department @ 6540 8500 or email for any clarifications.

Member will be awarded with a Handicap Card 5 working days after passing the Courtesy Round 

Weekdays Eligibility 
Ladies Handicap 0 - 40.4
Men's Handicap 0 - 36.4
Weekends & Public Holiday's Eligibility
Ladies Handicap 0 - 36.4
Men's Handicap 0 - 24.4

Unsuccessful Candidates To do re-test. To do re-test.