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  • Icon Free Wi-fi
  • Icon 2 bedrooms (twin and double sharing)*
  • Icon Fully air–conditioned rooms
  • Icon exclusive use of private barbeque pit
  • Icon 1 complimentary car pass
  • Icon 55-inch LED TV
  • Icon 2 shower rooms (equipped with bath & handtowels, toiletries & hairdryer)
  • Icon Complimentary swimming pool access
  • Icon kitchen (equipped with refrigerator, freezer, induction cooker microwave oven)
  • Icon Free usage of Fitness Centre
  • Icon Usage of Club's facilities at special in-house guest rates (subject to availability)


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Just like a home away from home, our bungalows offer you a tranquil stay with family and friends, with the luxury and conveniences of a country club.


Furnished in contemporary decor, we offer 40 two-storey stunning bungalows with a view of Changi Beach or our golf courses, that come fully air-conditioned and beach-fronted, to make you feel welcome and right at home upon your arrival.


In each unit, there are two cosy bedrooms as well as spacious living and dining areas. For your utmost comfort and convenience, each bungalow is equipped with a kitchen that offers the basic necessities such as a fridge, freezer, microwave oven, electric air pot, induction cooker and cutleries for up to 4 persons. Our bungalows are spacious enough for a 3-generation gathering where grandparents can spend quality time with their children and grandchildren, all comfortably under one roof.


With breath-taking views of Changi Beach, you can enjoy the cool sea breeze while chatting over coffee at the verandah, while your family has a cookout at the private barbecue pit located right at your door step.


For those who enjoy the indoors instead, relax while being spoilt for choice with programmes from 24 channels in our cable TV selections or log in to our Wifi for a gaming challenge on your mobile phone.


There is never a dull moment at one of the most popular facilities at NSRCC.


Exclusive benefits to your staycation

  • Icon2 free bowling games per stay
  • Icon1 complimentary car pass per bungalow (2nd vehicle is chargeable)
  • IconUsage of Club’s facilities at special in-house guest rates (subject to availability)
  • IconSpecial ongoing promotions held by the Club from time to time
  • IconDiscount for dining at restaurant upon presentation of bungalow pass
  • IconFree entry to swimming pool and fitness centre for bungalow pass holder


*The bed configurations (1 Double Room & 1 Twin Room layout) will take effect for units 1 - 20 from March 2024 onwards.

Additional Information

  • Icon Check-in 2.00pm to 5.00pm
  • Icon Check out 9.00am to 10.30am (Any later than 10.30am will incur charges)
  • Icon Pet Policy No pets allowed
  • Icon Booking The requirement for booking is a minimum of two 2 nights
  • Icon Payment Singapore currency by NETS or credit card
  • Icon Occupancy

    The bungalow may accommodate up to 20 persons for a gathering at any point of time before 11pm.

    A maximum of 8 persons are permitted to stay overnight in each unit (including children below the age of 12).

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Bungalow Layout


Note: The virtual tour applies for units 1 to 20 (1 Double Room & 1 Twin Room) which takes effect from March 2024 onwards. The virtual tour is for illustration purposes only.




- The bed configurations for units 1 to 20 (1 Double Room & 1 Twin Room layout) will take effect from March 2024 onwards.
- From now till March 2024, the configuration for all 40 units are reflected as "UNITS 21 to 40". 

Bungalow Units Directory


Rental Fees Per Night for Units Away from Poolside (Bungalow nos 1 to 34 excluding corporate units)
NSRCC Members $136.25 $261.60 $308.47 $330.27
SAFRA Member $168.95 $419.65 $466.52 $488.32
NS Men $184.21 $466.52 $513.39 $535.19
Citizens $252.88 $495.95 $535.19 $556.99
Non-Citizens $331.36 $535.19 $561.35 $583.15
Rental Fees Per Night  for Units Near Swimming Pool (Bungalow nos 35 to 40 excluding corporate units)
NSRCC Members $158.05 $283.40 $330.27 $352.07
SAFRA Member $190.75 $441.45 $488.32 $510.12
NS Men $206.01 $488.32 $535.19 $556.99
Citizens $274.68 $517.75 $556.99 $578.79
Non-Citizens $353.16 $556.99 $583.15 $604.95

All fees listed above are inclusive of prevailing GST.

*Off-peak period: Monday to Thursday
*Peak period: Friday to Sunday (including eve of public holidays & public holidays)
*Super peak period: School holidays
*Super holiday: Eve of & Day of New Year, Chinese New Year and Christmas                                                                    

Conditions of Booking and In-House Stay

Administrative charges apply for change of booking dates as well as booking cancellations and no-shows.
Please see Terms and Conditions of Bookings as well as the Terms and Conditions of Bungalow Stay.


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The following items available for your convenience.

To rent, please call Housekeeping (6543 5705/5706). Last order by 9:30pm

To minimise physical contact, items issued will remain in the bungalow throughout your stay.

There is NO Early Return Policy.

All items are on a First Come First Served Basis and subject to availability.

1 Mahjong Tiles + 1 Pc Mahjong Paper 1 set Complimentary
2 Addtional Pillow 2 pc $1.50/pc/day
3 Mattress with pillow, blanket and linen 4 set $5.00/set/day
4 Set of 1 pvc table and 4 chairs 2 set $8.00/set/day
5 1 pvc Table [If not taken as a set in #4] 2 pc $5.00/pc/day
6 1 Chair [If not taken as a set in #4] 8 pc $1.50/pc/day
7 Bag of Charcoal (3kg) $6.00/bag
8 Charcoal Set [4 pieces Fire starters, 1 Bag of Charcoal, 1 Lighter] $7.00/set
9 Wire Mesh $5.00/pc
10 Aluminium Foil $3.50/roll
11 BBQ Tong $3.00/pc
12 Disposable Pager Plates [50 pieces] $5.00/pkt
13 Disposable Pager Cups [50 pieces] $5.00/pkt
14 Disposable Plastic Folks [50 pieces] $2.00/pkt
15 Disposable Plastic Spoons [50 pieces] $2.00/pkt
16 Serviettes [50 pieces] $2.00/pkt
17 Mahjong Pager $1.00/pc
18 Fire Starters [4 pieces] $1.50/box
19 Off-peak - [Monday to Thursday] $6.00/day
20 Peak - [Friday to Sunday] [EVE of PH, PH & School Holidays] $12.00/day
21 Mahjong Set [inclusive of Table, Mahjong Tiles & 1 Pc Mahjong Pager] $10.00/day
22 BBQ PIT $12.00/day