Membership classifications and tiers

Who can Apply?

NSmen from the Army, Air Force, Navy, Police, as well as the Civil Defence are welcome to apply. NSRCC offers term membership of 2, 5 and 10 years, capped at aggregate membership tenure of 30 years^


^only applicable to full membership


Membership Classifications

Applicants fall under Ordinary or Associate based on National Service (NS) status. Since the Club was incepted to serve mainly the active NSmen, they are classified under Ordinary. The Club in later years accepted ex-NSmen for their past contributions and are therefore classified under Associate. The difference between the two membership classifications are the fees. All privileges remain the same.


Membership Tiers

Members can choose between Full or Basic membership based on your preference. Refer to the table for more information.

Full Membership Basic Membership
Enjoy full access to the resort’s golfing and social facilities at any time of the week. Enjoy full access to the resort’s golfing and social facilities. Allowed to golf on weekdays (excluding Public Holidays) and participate in tournaments held on weekdays or that are open to public (non-members’ rates apply).

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Membership Types Full Membership * Basic Membership *
2-year term Ordinary $1,955 Not Applicable
2-year term Associate $2,395 Not Applicable
5-year term Ordinary $4,565 $2,445
5-year term Associate $5,095 $2,655
10-year term Ordinary $7,405 $4,075
10-year term Associate $8,175 $4,485

* Entrance fee is subjected to change without prior notice.


Monthly subscription fees:

Ordinary Category $43.60 (Principal) $10.90 (Family)
Associate Category $49.05 (Principal) $16.35 (Family)

Family membership is opened to spouse and children (Below 21 years old)