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To prevent community spread of COVID-19, the Club will impose stricter access control to our facilities. All individuals who have recently returned from ALL other countries (not just limited to COVID-19 affected countries) in the last 14 days prior to visiting the Club will be refused entry.


Declaration forms are also required and made mandatory to be filled up upon every visit, so as to enable contact tracing. We appreciate all visitors return the forms to enable effective tracing in time of confirmed cases, and this will help those in danger to get immediate help, including you and your family.


Social distancing will be implemented throughout all our facilities, so please look out for the markings on the ground during queuing. F&B outlets will also re-arrange their layouts to space out diners.


We seek for your understanding that such enhanced measures may cause some delays and inconveniences in various areas, from clearing the guardhouse, to slower speed in F&B servicing due to the newly implemented spacing out of tables.


The enhanced measures have taken immediate effect for everyone who has returned from overseas. These would include people who have come back from Malaysia before 20 March 2020. This is more stringent than the MOH guidelines, and NSRCC, along with many other organisations, practice enhanced control in view of its roles in serving NSmen, an important core of National Defence.


This is a rapidly evolving situation and NSRCC would like to seek the cooperation of our members and guests, so that we are able to work closely with you on this matter to ensure the safety of everyone at this time of crisis.


Thank you.


• Note:
Example: If a member returns to Singapore from overseas on 12 March, the 14 days would mean that from 13 – 26 March, he should refrain from entering the Club. He will be able enter the Club from 27 March onwards.



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23 January 2020, Thursday - Skytrak Launch Monitors Now Ready for use at NSRCC Sky Range!

Good News for Our Members & Guests!

The Club has installed 33 SkyTrak monitors at our Sky Range, 11 monitors on each level (2, 3 and 4). Each monitor will provide you with ball data information such as golf shot shape, flight path and carry distance. These monitors are available for you to use at no additional cost.

Happy practising at NSRCC Sky Range!