Hole-by-Hole Description of our 9-hole course



Hole 1: Tees for the starting hole are located on the right of the existing driving range area, and slightly elevated. Existing trees currently diving existing hole A1 from existing hole A3 will be retained. This will be a particularly challenging hole considering its length and the encroachment of lake across the playline between the drive target zone and green. Two wide areas of fairway permit shorter hitters to follow with a full or shorter pitch to the large green.



Hole 2: The rear tee is located near to the current hole A6 island tee.  The fairway cuts through the nature area between existing A8 green and A9 trees. The new fairway will rise from current A9 tee area to the turning point (driving target area). The fairway crosses existing hole A2 and A1 fairways to a greensite near the middle of the current driving range. Large bunkers will guard the right approach to the green.


Hole 3: The classic risk and reward short Par 5 hole witll be the “Signature Hole”.  Tees will be located at current driving range and current levels along the play line will generally be retained. The arm of the lake cuts across the hole at 270m from the back tee and a wide landing area is available around the 240m mark.  The is an option for long hitters to try and reach the green in two shots but bunkers will be on the line of play  and close proximity to the lake on this line, make the choice high risk.



Hole 4:  This is the existing A6 hole slightly shortened by discontinuing the use of the island tee and with the tees located left of existing group in order to allow for future relocation of Navy 8 Tees. Bunkers will be reshaped and the fairway at the 200 meters range from the back tee raised to provide an enhanced view of the green from that location The green will be reconstructed identical to the existing.


Hole 5: This hole is played from the existing A7 tees and the pond just beyond, to a greensite currently occupied by A3 green. The pond right of the existing A8 tees is in-filled but the narrow stretch of water just short of the greensite retained as a strategic feature of the hole. Water encroaching close to both sides of the fairway near the drive target area will encourage precise driving or preferably the use of a three wood or utility club from the tee.

Hole 6: Hole A6 is played from the existing A/F 1 tees to a green located near the existing fairway bunkers location. A long par 3 with a long green angled to the playline and guarded by large bunkers to the left front and right rear. There are difficult pin positions at the left rear of the putting surface whereas the front right half of the green is particularly accessible. The narrow entry from tees to fairway will be retained.


Hole 7: All boundary trees and tree groups along the entry road and entering into the course area will be retained. The fairway will be undulating with the green elevated slightly above the fairway at the turning point location. Fairway bunkers will be added each side of the drive target area to make demands on accurate placement. Steep slopes down to the rear left of the angled green will impact the slightly drawn approach shot.


Hole 8: Much of the fairway proposed for this hole is occupied by the tree and bush covered ridge separating the short course from the Air Force Course. Clearing and earthworks will result in a receptive fairway. Several rows of trees will be retained to separate this hole from the par 3 sixth hole. Over conservative approaches to rear pin position may end in the large shallow bunker.


Hole 9: This hole follows the routing of existing hole Air Force 9 from roughly the drive target area to the greensite. Advice is that the channel to the right may be widened up to 10m in the future. This can be achieved at the time by incorporation of a retaining wall beside the access track possibly without removal of existing screening trees. A green identical to the existing green with a relatively wide front and narrow rear pin positions is ideal for the new par 3 hole situation.