Terms and Conditions


1. Any person who is serving or have completed Full-Time National Service and has National Service liability may apply to be an Ordinary / Ordinary Basic Member.

2. Any person who has completed Full-Time National Service and has completed his National Service liability, including Ordinary Member or Ordinary Basic Member may apply to be an Associate Member or Associate Basic Member.

3. Subject to paragraph 1, 2, and 11 herein, the term of Ordinary / Associate / Ordinary Basic / Associate Basic Membership is 5, 10 and 15 years, or any other terms that the Club may stipulate from time to time. Upon maturity of a membership, an Ordinary / Associate / Ordinary Basic / Associate Basic Member has the option to renew his membership, subject to * eligibility and payment of entrance fee at the rate prevailing then as well as at the discretion of the Club’s Management.

4. An Ordinary / Associate / Ordinary Basic / Associate Basic Member, his spouse and children under 21 years old may use all the Club’s facilities subject to the provisions of the Constitution. The monthly subscription fee and all other fees will be as determined by the Club.

5. The Ordinary / Associate / Ordinary Basic / Associate Basic Member is responsible for the conduct of or any debt or liability by his spouse, children and guests.

6. An Ordinary / Associate / Ordinary Basic / Associate Basic Member may resign at any time by giving notice in writing but shall continue to be liable for any subscription fee or other debts due and unpaid at the date of cessation of his membership.

7. If you decline to accept the offer of membership after notification of approval, an admin fee equivalent to 5% of the membership entrance fee will be levied.

8. There shall be no refund of any entrance fees or part thereof already paid to the Club upon the confirmation of a current and/or an extension to the current membership term.

9. If a membership expires, or is withdrawn or terminated under Article 8 of the Constitution, the Security Deposit will be returned, less any outstanding bills under the member’s account.

10. Please note that the use of NSRCC’s credit facility has a charge limit of up to $2,000 (for 10-year term Ordinary / Associate memberships and above) or $1,000 (for Ordinary / Associate Memberships up to 9-year term and all Ordinary Basic / Associate Basic Membership). An admin fee of 2% of the outstanding amount or $3 per month, whichever is higher will be levied should your account not be settled within 30 days of the first billing. The use of the credit facility will be suspended until your account has been settled.

11. Members and their guests are subject to the provisions of the Constitution, Rules, Regulations and Bye-laws of the Club.

12. The Club reserves the right to reject any application without assigning any reason whatsoever.

13. Basic Members will be able to enjoy full access to the resort’s social facilities, including the Executive Par 3 Course and Driving Range, at all times. However, they will be able to make bookings and play golf on the main courses (SAFRA Resort’s 27 holes and Kranji Sanctuary Golf Course’s 18 hole) on weekdays (excluding public holidays) only. Basic Members’ golfing privileges during weekends and public holidays would be equivalent to guests, such as paying green fees at SAFRA Members’ rate, signed in by Ordinary /Associate Members, and they can only play during sessions which guests are allowed. Saturday afternoons are however reserved for members only. Basic Members will not be able to serve in Greens/ Handicap Committee, and will not be able to participate in golf tournaments held on weekends and public holidays, but will be able to do so if the tournaments are open to the public (non-member’s rate applies). Basic Members are entitled to golf in our affiliated club on weekdays only. Visitor’s rates will apply to Basic Family Members on weekends and public holidays.

14. The Club reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without prior notice.



• Membership type is determined by National Service status. An applicant who is a NSF or NSman at the time of application / extension of membership is eligible for Ordinary Membership (Basic). An applicant who is an ex-NSman is eligible for Associate Membership (Basic).