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Sky Range

Sky Range

The Sky Range is Southeast Asia’s first elevated driving range, built atop existing facilities. At five storeys high, the Sky Range has a total of 42 practice bays across three levels. Ball collection is done via gravity pull and hydraulic floor due to the absence of solid ground.



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Ball Fees

Member's Rate Guest's Rate
25 balls = $1.27 25 balls = $2.24
50 balls = $2.54 50 balls = $4.48


Floor Plan

The Sky Range is five levels high, with a multitude of facilities to cater to your golfing needs.
Click the icon below for a description of the floor plan for each level.

L1 Floor Plan

The main level of the Sky Range greets our members and guests with a multitude of facilities to cater to their golfing and basic needs. The driving range office situated near the lift provides ease to our members for validation and topping up of their cards. Locker rooms are also within walking distance for members and guests who may want to store their golf bags for long term.

Both The Golfing Lab and International Golf Institute will provide golf coaching services, whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned golfer who aspires to play better.

To personalise your golf clubs, Golftitude Fitting Studio will help you achieve the exact club specifications which fit your individual swing to deliver results you are looking for.

L2, L3 & L4 Floor Plan

Set against the backdrop of both our lush green courses and remarkable view of the sea softly dousing Changi Beach, levels 2, 3 & 4 of the Sky Range is where a breathtaking experience while practicing your swing awaits. With a total of 42-practice bays and 14-bays evenly located on each level. Each practice bay is equipped with a Skytrak Launch Monitor System, providing golfers of all skill levels an accurate reading of their swing and ball speed. USB ports have also been placed at each bay for members, to easily charge their cellphones while they practice.

L5 Floor Plan

Let the picturesque settings beckon you to the top floor of the Sky Range, where the rooftop café is situated. If you are feeling peckish or simply want to unwind over a drink after practicing your swing, indulge in tasty delights or a nice cold beer, while taking in the lush foliage of our courses or mesmerising sunset from the nearby Changi Beach.